A Word from COB RTC David Miscavige


At the opening of the Atlanta Ideal Org, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige took time in his speech to remind Scientologists that Scientology isn’t just about wearing racoon hats and opening new buildings.

“While our racoon hats serve to show the world that Scientologists are, like the racoon, Fabian creatures of the night and rapacious omnivores, we are, and more the point, experts at trapping unwary souls by our skilled use of dirty contracts.

“But beyond our racoon hats and dirty contracts, Scientology is also about raising money each and every minute of every hour of every day. We raise money so that we may all increase our IAS Patron status to the next level.

“We also raise money so that we may purchase old buildings in bad locations in order to spend endless years and millions of dollars renovating these dumps into glittering theta palaces we know as fully Ideal Orgs.

“So the next time some joker & degrader says to you, ‘Hey! What’s up with the racoon hat?’ I want you to punch them in the face and remind them that, as a Scientology Volunteer Minister, you are a member of the world’s largest all volunteer disaster relief organization.

“And as a member of the world’s largest disaster relief organization, I need you to help with a big donation to pay the electrical bill for Atlanta. If you don’t help right now the utility company is shutting off the power in exactly one hour — and it would be a disaster to have the Org’s power cut on the very day of its grand opening.

“Only you can help.”


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  1. Regarding his recent claim that the shelf life of a new org is only three weeks, we assumed Dr. Frank Wonderman was engaging in bit of RTC hyperbole. Yes that is until we noticed the following stamped in purple ink on the front door of the new Atlanta Idle Org: APR 23 2016.

    Looks like you need to get there soon or not at all.

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