Scientology: You Purchased a Book from Us in 1968; What Happened?

We in the Church of Scientology care so very, very, very much that we just reached out to someone who purchased a book from us in 1968. Writing a letter after 48 years proves we care. We just want to know how this person is doing in life — assuming they are still alive and, more importantly, still have money.

Source: Black Rob @ ESMB



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  1. Dear Jessica,

    Wow! It’s odd to hear from you after so many years. To tell you the truth, Scientology dropped off my radar entirely until 10 years ago or so when the first stories appeared in the mainstream media alleging physical abuse on the part of Captain Miscaviage against several of his subordinates.

    It piqued my interest, so I googled Scientology and found lots of stuff. I watched the South Park episode about Xenu. I read some great books, including Inside Scientology and Going Clear. The main goal was to get back up to speed on what had been going on since I left. I even found Tony Ortega’s site and read it daily, along with Mike Rinder’s.

    All I can observe is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. At least now I know the “why” for those central file projects for which they are always trying to round up people. Obviously, it’s to find somebody like me that bought a book almost 50 years ago. Sad, really….and pointless.

    Allow me to digress…my experience with Scientology was brief…TR’s. I found the hard sell for auditing more than a little unsettling. Scientology love bombed me for as long as I was willing to open my wallet. But when I resisted, the shunning was stunning. It woke me up real quick as to what the real game was. I even had the reg tell me he was PTS to me.

    To be honest, I’ve met used car salesmen with oodles more integrity than the average Scientology reg. You haven’t heard from me since, because I discovered for myself the truth that Scientology was a money grubbing cult run from the top down by an insane megalomaniac. Then it was Hubbard…now it’s Miscaviage. Like I said, the more things change the more they stay the same.

    My advice to you…get out now. Walk away. Don’t look back.



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    • So instead of there being 1.5 Million Scientologists worldwide, now its down to 1.4999 Million. If you EVER did anything in Scientology – even 50 years ago – you are still a Scientologist (you just don’t know it)

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  2. I’m impressed with the letter reg’s creativity. Let me see, the only book the guy ever bought is “New Slant on Life” so I’m going to pique his interest by enclosing a flyer for something entirely new and different. Let’s see….I know “New Slant on Life”



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