Ethics Interrogatory on David Miscavige



Summary: J&D’ers on the interwebs are making fun of the recent OSA Ethics Interrogatory. This J&D activity must be stopped. COB has called a Code Red. All OSA WUS INVEST (SO & OTC) are to report to the AOLA Atrium this evening at 6:00 PM for a special emergency briefing. Please send all datums to osasecretoperations@gmail.com


R/F: This interrogatory is being done to find out more data on David Miscavige due to reports concerning out-tech and squirreling.

Please answer the following with as many specifics as possible:

1. Are you aware of any attempt by David Miscavige to make less of LRH or his tech?

2. Do you know of any instances of  David Miscavige evaluating or invalidating preclears by telling them that they were really never Clear and needed to redo their lower grades?

3. Do you know of instances in which David Miscavige has altered the basics texts of Scientology in order to re-sell the same books over and over and over?

4. Are you aware of any other auditor’s code violation by David Miscavige ?

5. Describe any instances you are aware of out-tech committed by David Miscavige on anyone you know. Please use up to 1,000 extra sheets of paper if necessary.

6. Provide data on any squirreling activity  David Miscavige has been engaged in.

7. Are you aware or any other out-ethics or illegal activity David Miscavige is engaged in?

8. Do you know of any instance in which David Miscavige has pretended to hold any ecclesiastical office to which he was never legally appointed or elected by the Founder or by a duly and legally convened Board of Directors?

9. Has David Miscavige forced you to purchase libraries or congresses that you already own?

10. Has David Miscavige altered the definition of a Floating Needle?

11. Has David Miscavige suppressed, crushed, beaten, or invalidated senior tech terminals of the Church?

12. Has David Miscavige engaged in unusual solutions?

13. Do you know of instances in which David Miscavige has made  buildings senior to the Tech and making auditors?

14. Do you know of instances in which David Miscavige has publicly told lies?

15. Do you know of instances in which David Miscavige has brought wide disrepute or scorn upon the Church due to his personal Out Ethics?

Thanks very much for the information.

Replay e-mail: osasecretoperations@gmail.com

OSA Secret Operations for Non-Standard Tech and Unusual Solutions

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  1. Miscavige has engaged in ALL of the above J & D activities but, thanks to his “Big Beingness”, (GOD) he may not be penalized, punished in any way shape or form. (except by his BT’s)


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