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  1. How could you forget the only ecclesiastical leader who matters—the true heir of Herbert W. (‘Plain Truth’) Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, in other words the Restored Church of God (Dave Pack), no the Philadelphia Church of God (Gerald Flurry), no the Christian Churches of God (Wade Cox), no the Continuing Church of God (Bob Thiel), no the United Church of God (Vic Kubik), no the Living Church of God (Rod Meredith), no the Christian Biblical Church of God (Fred Coulter), no the Church of God an International Community (David Hulme), no the Church of God a Worldwide Assocation (Jim Franks)?

    And why haven’t you paid your third tithe yet?

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    • Doctor, at present our staff is using an Ouija Board to interview Herbert W. Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong was emphatic that he would only grant an interview to Ecclesiastical Leader Monthly if he could meet your rather strange nurse during an evening succubus session. We leave this matter to your singular discretion.

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