Troublemaker at Flag Land Base


“COB became VERY HIGHLY ENTURBULATED to learn that Leah Remini’s interview on 20/20 drew 8.2 million viewers,” declared Church of Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“COB’s ruds were thrown out so violently that he literally melted the copper grounding rods in his office. COB has issued a decree that no Scientologist may click here to order Leah Remini’s new book Troublemaker.”

“As a consequence of all Scientologists failing to handle the 20/20 flap, COB has assigned the entire Church, except for himself, the Ethics condition of CONFUSION.”

“Scientologists need to find out where they are,” barked Mr. Miscavige. “And not to feed Scientologists a cog,” said COB, “but where Scientologists are is the IAS.”

“The IAS is the official membership association of the Church of Scientology. Therefore, pure logic alone informs us that the only place a Scientologist can be is in the IAS. Whereupon, the first step out of CONFUSION must be to make a monumental, heroic, and bankrupting donation to IAS donation in order to make up the damage you have done to the group.”

TroublemakerLeah Remini’s new book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology  is  available here.

“The outspoken actress, talk show host, and reality television star offers up a no-holds-barred memoir, including an eye-opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart-wrenching thirty-year-plus association with the Church of Scientology.”

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  1. Declaration of JennyAtLAX:

    I, JennyAtLAX, declare and state as follows:

    “Chairman of the Board (“COB”), David Miscavige, why don’t you and your douche bag of a “religion” stop committing suppressive acts, full time suppressive acts, full time. Unbelievable. Just end it. Go live a life. Why don’t you get a life, man.

    “Your TRs are brilliant. Just get a life. While you’re at, why don’t you stop melting the copper grounding rods in your office, and live a real life?

    “Why don’t you just end it. And start living a decent life and do something to help mankind. Cause you guys do nothing to help mankind. The entire Church of Scientology does not want to write up and work through an Ethics Condition that you’ve declared, and neither do they want to go bankrupt by making heroic and monumental donations to the International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”). You guys are embarrassing and pathetic. Pathetic. It’s disgusting and it’s all over your face and you look terrible.


    “What losers. What losers.

    “It’s embarrassing. Why don’t you do something with your life. You’re an embarrassment.

    “It’s unbelievable.

    “Wow. Embarrassing, humiliating, disgusting. Nobody cares about you. Nobody’s interested. It’s a God damned joke. No one gives a crap. OK?”

    I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.


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    • Jenny, I wish you would quit being such a namby-pamby, panty waist dilettante and quite beating around the bush and just say what you really feel.

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      • “Jenny has been officially taken off post and is recuperating as well as getting needed assists in The Hole.” – KP – Official spokesperson

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    • JennyAtLAX, we in the Church of Scientology — as a group — we need to stop and ask ourselves when will we get a life.

      We couldn’t agree with you more, with your serious reality check.
      As you say, we, as a group, we need to stop committing suppressive acts, full time suppressive acts, full time. Unbelievable. We need to just end it. We need to go live a life. Why don’t we get a life, man? Just get a life. We’ve had zero effect, none. And nobody gives a fuck about us. That’s the truth.

      Nobody has even noticed we’re gone man. We’re nothing. That’s the point. We’re nothing. Brilliant.

      Our TR’s are brilliant. Why don’t we just stop committing suppressive acts and live a real life? We need a – What are we doing in LA anyway? What are we doing in LA? Why are we here?

      Why don’t we just end it? And start living a decent life and do something to help mankind. Cause we are doing nothing to help mankind. Between us and RTC it’s pathetic. We are embarrassing and pathetic. Pathetic. It’s disgusting and it’s all over our faces and we look terrible.

      What a loser. What a loser.

      It’s embarrassing. Why don’t we do something with our lives. We’re an embarrassment. An embarrassment to the fact that we were ever, ever connected to us. We have zero facts.

      It’s unbelievable.

      Wow. Embarrassing, humiliating, disgusting. An absolute embarrassment that we were ever connected. We have no facts. Nobody cares. Nobody’s interested. We’ve done nothing. We have no… I mean some movement, it’s a God damned joke. No one gives a crap. OK?

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  2. Hey, we could be wrong, but wasn’t that Ken Delusion in drag caught on ABC security video dropping off the Remini dead agent file?

    Also, is it just us or does it seem there really is only one person totally confused?

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    • You’re close. It was Breezy Delusion, Ken’s half-sister by his father’s fourth wife, OTV III Class 4 Maria Teresa Oswaldo. Maria Teresa was on staff at LA Day in Div 3 until COB made LA an all Sea Org Org. She is now an OSA volunteer and that is why you saw her dropping off the DA pack to ABC.

      Maria Teresa was married to Bob Duncan, the Treas Sec at AOLA until he was busted and RPF’d. They divorced because Bob went Out 2D with Shirley Flanagan who was Div 5 in Dallas before she was fitness boarded for that serfacky “bad lung/can’t-breathe/please call 911” body thing she refused to handle. Shirley is related to Beck’s second cousin Bock who dated Jenna Elfman before she married Bodhi.

      Before her 2D with Bob Duncan, Maria Teresa was married to Lyle Odett, who was FOLO WUS back in the day. Lyle was routed out of the SO after he was caught by the FBI with $750,000 in dirty Reed Slatkin money hidden in the attic of that house he had in Carpinteria right off the 101. OSA ordered Bob to take a plea deal to avoid an Out PR sit for the Church. That is why Bob was sent to Camp Fed for 7-10. He was paroled after three years and now runs a blue laundry ball franchise in Las Vegas right next to the Org.

      Bob’s new wife is OT III Stella Shapiro who was married to Mortie Shapiro before he dropped his body in 2011. Mortie owned that jewelry store in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles but he went bankrupt after too many IAS reg cycles and paying for Stella’s L’s and donating for the full bridges of the three kids Stella had by her second 2D Nate Schumann. Anyway, after Mortie ended cycle, Stella hooked up with Bob through the Scientology Singles dating site. Stella sells laser art on the Strip and volunteers in CF at the Org.

      Lyle Odett is the half-brother of Ximena Sanchez who worked as an IAS reg on the Freewinds until she was busted for going Out 2D with a very wealthy public. This was a big flap because the public was another woman and so the Freewinds suddenly had a 1.1 sit literally one week before COB was doing the Maiden Voyage event on the ship. That is why Ximena was busted and flown to Australia to do her RPF there.

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