Louis Theroux Plots to Secretly Take Over the Church of Scientology!

DM.ImpersonatorWe in RTC have been reliably informed that Louis Theroux has hired a David Miscavige impersonator.

Theroux’s cover story is that this Miscavige impersonator was hired to portray Mr. Miscavige in Theroux’s so-called film My Scientology Movie.

This can’t be true because our undercover agents who saw the film report that it was just a bland series of skits in which some people enact made up stories about global ecclesiastical leader COB RTC David Miscavige.

A hard-hitting investigation by OSA has revealed the shocking truth:  Louis Theroux plans to use his David Miscavige lookalike to secretly take over the Church of Scientology!

Theroux’s film is a mere ruse. The coldblooded fact is that due to his decades of working with the religious deviants of the world,  Theroux is dangerously well-equipped to take over the Church of Scientology


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  1. Factually, unless Mr. Theroux has somehow managed to kidnap Danny Sherman and coerce him into providing the eloquent, tranquilizing and hypnotizing flow of words emmanating from the mouth of COB at all major events, the plan is doomed to failure.

    Without the magical mullet power of of Sherman-speak, Mr. Theroux’s doppleganger will sound as foreign and counterfit as pre Gat-II basic books. The true believers will not be fooled.

    On this basis, Mr. Sherman should immediately be placed in protective custody until the emergency is over.

    This is true.

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    • Captain whostolemycog, while you are usually always ten chess moves ahead of the criminal SP’s, alas this time they caught us unawares.

      The SP’s have a new Shermanspeak algorithm in a supercomputer called Viper 9.

      Capable of producing 20,000,000 words of Shermanspeak per hour, Viper 9 will give the fake COB an unparalleled mastery of Danny Sherman’s hypnotic and trance-inducing babble.

      We in RTC are offering a $10,000,000 reward for information leading to the secret location and destruction of Viper 9.


  2. Thanks for an interesting point of view on the film. It just opened in Sydney and IMO it is engaging, interesting and funny, but audiences who will see right through the artifice of its constructions. At best it is a documentary about a documentary that could not be made.


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