The Church of Scientology School of Documentary Filmmaking Now Accepting Applications


The Church of Scientology School of Documentary Filmmaking in now accepting applications for its campus located in Hollywood, California.

Core curriculum focuses on field work using hand held cameras to attack, accost, and stalk SP’s, wog journalists, Scientology haters, and others who oppose the Church’s core message that human bodies are infested with the spirits of dead space aliens and that salvation can only come about through a $360,000 program of e-meter exorcism and abject obedience to our glorious and exalted leader Fleet Admiral David Miscavige, Lord High Protector of the Espinol United Moons, Planets, and Asteroids Confederation.

Students must sign a series of contracts and releases in which they voluntarily consent to long hours, low or no pay, and mandatory beatings. Quality is not important. Rather, our curriculum, inspired as it is by ISIS, emphasizes the use of film in social media as a weapon of insane religious revenge and hatred.

Ideal applicants will have a dark, foreboding, and superstitious 12th century view of life and be driven by the qualities of violence, paranoia, and magical thinking born of a deep and wholly malignant innate psychosis. Hearing voices in your head is a plus.

Those with untreated mental illness on parole for crimes of violence and thus accustomed to living a strict and brutal highly regimented prison-style life in a confined and guarded barracks setting under 24/7 surveillance are especially encouraged to apply.

6 responses to “The Church of Scientology School of Documentary Filmmaking Now Accepting Applications

  1. but I thought that “mental Illness” is a sham invented by SP Psychiatrists.

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    • We of the church of Scientology can use terms like “paranoid schizophrenic” and PTSD to hurl at the many SPs that attack our church. They are under the influence of the intergalactic tax collecting psyches and it will mean something to their addled minds. Of course, none of these things are real. ITBTS It’s the Body Thetans, Stupid.


    • Yes but when one is recruiting violent wogs one must be able to speak their language. Don’t worry though. We’ll get such people handled with TR’s and Objectives.


  2. I for one think … Oh sorry. I’ve been told to think that Alex Gibney doesn’t know what a documentary is. I word cleared “documentary” and cross referenced it in the new LRH dictionary, and there is a picture of Gibney under antonyms for the word “documentary”.
    I look forward to a golden shower of fine documentary films, done with LRH tech and cowboy outfits, that will show those poor misguided Emmy people what a documentary is really supposed to look like!


  3. “…magical thinking born of a deep and wholly malignant innate psychosis.”

    Sherman wrote this didn’t he? That guy is special..


  4. Am I the only one who thinks this was written as an ironic post? What true believer would really post this? And would they still be in if they did?


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