Pope Francis Holds an Outdoor Mass For One Million People; Pope Miscavige Presents a 22 Year Old Video


September 2015: Pope Francis visited America, met with President Obama, spoke to a joint session of the US Congress, met with school children, visited prisoners, and held an outdoor Mass in Philadelphia attended by a crowd estimated at 1,000,000 people. Pope Francis preached the Christian message of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

Conversely, Scientology Pope David Miscavige has ordered Scientologists in good standing to watch a 22 year old video.  In this video, Pope Miscavige announced the planetary-changing, epic, monumental news that the Church of Scientology had received tax exemption from the IRS. This IRS approval allowed American Scientologists to deduct donations to Scientology from their taxes and thus changed the entire course of world history forever.

But more importantly, religious tax exemption allowed we in the Church of Scientology to get away with our unique brand of brutality; greed; habitual lying; blackmail; interrogation; spying; and the destruction of Disconnection and Fair Game — and all with tax free dollars.

Others can believe in God and love; we believe in grabbing as much cold hard cash as we can get our hands on — and don’t get in our way because we are most definitely not a “turn the other cheek” religion.


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  1. I’ve seen this more than 5,000 times, this will be the best viewing evah. Although it seems to get shorter and choppier each year. I think COB’s speech used to mention other people and there’s no longer as many closeups of the audience. Oh well, dum-di-dum-di-dum.

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  2. David Miscavige is not a show off. He isn’t always running around, talking to the press, drawing attention to himself or putting his foot in his mouth. He has no desire to lower himself to waste his time dealing with fringe groups like CNN, MSN, or Fox. They’re just looking for gotchas anyway. They’re all under the influence of psyche drugs for ADHD and other imaginary illnesses. He’d rather drag out his greatest hits, jumpcuts intact (don’t want to expose his faithful flock to images of those traitors and CSMFs SPs who are no longer worthy of LRH’s shining greatness.)

    All you evil wogs will pay for your insolence!

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