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  1. I have written up a Knowledge Report. Where do I send this KR to let COB RTC Captain David Miscavage know that Jenny (LAX) Liston has been moonlighting as a God Warrior?

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  2. Okay….who packs the most amopunt of cray cray in their ecclesiastical exhortations for cash extraction?

    For us, it comes down to Robert Tilton or Earnest Angely…

    Tilton gets the nod if you’re looking for wacko speaking in tounges gibberish…

    But Ernest Angley’s “Foul evil spirit, COME OUT” had my sister and I nearly peeing our pants as we mimicked it over and popping each other on the forehead then falling on the floor. “Foul deaf spirits COME OUT” as one would twist their hand against the ear like a ratchet was another good one. We still do it 30+ years later. It still elicits giggles.

    Religion is hilarious…until you stop to think of the different ways man will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill in its glorius name.

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  3. Having been raised in an extreme Christian environment, and escaped a Jesus cult at 18, I’m partial to the screaming fat lady. Mother?!? Mother?!?! Mother!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, Jesus is good. He removes their brains and leaves them screaming about demonic forces. Unreal!


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