New Scientology “Goodwill Ambassador” Disseminates The Way to Happiness!


Church of Scientology International “Goodwill Ambassador” Jenny Linson is traveling the world spreading the positive, life-affirming, moral code contained in the The Way to Happiness.

As we in the Church of Scientology say on our own website:

“Entirely nonreligious, The Way to Happiness is both unique and powerful, whether in the hands of individuals or nations. Distributed in communities afflicted by violence, gangs and racism, it has brought calm. Passed out in areas ravaged by civil strife, it has brought peace. Used in thousands of prisons, its message has restored self-respect among the most hardened criminals, guiding them onto the path to becoming useful and contributing members of society.”

Please donate $1,000, $10,000,  $100,000 or more to help “Goodwill Ambassador” Jenny Linson disseminate The Way to Happiness.

Now more than ever Jenny Linson needs help!

14 responses to “New Scientology “Goodwill Ambassador” Disseminates The Way to Happiness!

  1. I will be happy to support Ms. Linson’s forthcoming tour of the Middle East where she intends to bring peace to the troubled region by putting in ethics and shattering suppression by her forthright approach,

    Good luck Jenny!



  2. Very inspirational campaign! So theta and on purpose!


  3. I’m confused. Is the “Nobody Gives a Fuck About You” campaign an offshoot of TWTH campaign or is there a separate NGAFAY campaign underway? How do I get the NGAFAY booklet?


  4. I want to see Jenny deliver her NGAFAY talk to ISIS. And then the Taliban.


  5. Come on people – dig deep. Jenny Linson is making planetary clearing a reality with her sunny disposition and theta message of goodwill!


  6. the proof that Scientology: “works!”


  7. What’s wrong with her eyes?


  8. As I’ve said before….IF “nobody gives a fuck”…why the hell are these morons hammering him? “Why don’t you get a life”…LIKE SHE HAS? (spit) what a HAG!!


  9. The new Happiness Squad lead by Jenny Linson is so theta!! Their ARC is out to roof! The millions of people that brief clip brought together is evidence of the power of TWTH! This is the best time to be a scientologist!!!
    I’m working hard on getting my stats up and plan to go all in for $1000 to help Jenny bring sanity to mankind!


  10. As I told the Catholics after hearing a priest yell at us and seeing pictures of elderly ladies playing harps in Heaven: “If that’s Heaven…I choose HELL. Plus ALL of *my* friends are going to Hell anyways, so PARTY ON!!” Sort of the same here, only worse: If this is bringing sanity to mankind…I’ll take insanity, any day! 🙂


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