COB RTC David Miscavige Amazingly Handles ALL PROBLEMS at PAC Base!

International Ideal Org Dictator Alice Wu.

International Ideal Org Dictator Alice Wu.

International Ideal Org Dictator Alice Wu today announced wonderfully positive changes at PAC Base in Los Angeles.

“COB severed heads of guilty parties who allowed giant statcrash! Four CO’s heads rolled!

“No Orgs fail now!”

“COB made ASHO Day and FDN one. Only need one ASHO Org due to GAT II making Los Angeles super-powerful.”

“Same thing LA Day and FDN. GAT II require only one amazing new LA Org. Old staff discarded. Sent home to die.”

“230 new Sea Org member go to Los Angeles from Flag, CLO, other SO orgs — include 25 new GAT II auditors — new Sea Org members to boom LA Org into world first Ideal Class V Org! For real!”

commisar“Hooray to COB! Los Angeles be first cleared continent next month.”

“Los Angeles safe. Okay to go back now on course. Okay again to give money, attend event, applaud COB. All arbitraries removed by COB!”


“Go back on course on right-now, right-now! Stop being CICS!”

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    • An investigation by we in RTC showed the WHY for the statcrash in LA was FALSE REPORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why four CO’s were removed from post!

      The WHY is FALSE REPORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      COB’s personal stats in LA have always been in Super Affluence, so yes he never false reported anything in his speeches.

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  1. Okay to go back on course now!? Huh…What you say? Be for real! We in LA…who has time for course? How bout I send you check…then you pump my status? I like big trophy specially when presented by little man with deep voice and bad breath.


  2. Wow! Alice Wu certainly has had an amazing recovery since suffering a mental breakdown in the Sea Org in Australia and trying to escape. How did someone who went Type III get to become Ideal Org Dictator? Life sure is full of crazy twists and turns.


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