Captain David Miscavige and the Sea Org in 2017

We in RTC dug up this jewel from the archives. Published on Sea Org Day in 1992, Captain David Miscavige gushed like a schoolgirl about how bright our future would be. Page two offers specific predictions for 2017. Click to enlarge:


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  1. Noble goals are vitally important for planetary salvation, but timescales can slip when counter intention insidiously creeps in causing well-meaning thetans to slip on its slimy trails.

    There is no reason why the Sea Org cadre cannot expand ten thousand-fold by 2017 provided the appropriate levels of discipline and punishment are ruthlessly hammered in on those who are standing in the way of Captain Miscavige’s lofty vision. A few lines from the Captain’s rousing speech of April 2014 to the Sea Org Compliance and Enforcement Division:

    “But if we fail, then the whole world, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of the perverted alien psyches and their fellow travelers. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the Orgs and their Missions last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.”



    • Captain Andrew Robertson – I thank you on behalf of all glorious Big Thetans capable of seeing a big picture and burning the midnight oil to reverse the dwindling spiral, so to prevent the agonizing future of every
      wog, registrar and VIP!

      May the fresh theta breeze of Caribbean be with you! Now and Forever!


    • Well spoken Captain Andrew.

      Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman has invited you to be one of the main speakers on the dais with him next month at the PUNISHMENTS FOR PROGRESS CONGRESS to be held at Flag.


  2. 697,000 Sea Org members? If you counted every current Scientologist and all their BTs you still wouldn’t get anywhere near that figure!

    Now some might say that this shows what a fraud Scientology and by extension COB is. But you and I know that is certainly not true. So……

    Obviously COB has an SP directly on his lines! And quite possibly not just one but a whole gaggle of SPs of the whole-track psych variety. Now this being no light matter as our religion and eternities are at stake, I suggest RTC round up every active Scientologist and employ enhanced interrogation/sec-checking techniques. My understanding is that a ball pein hammer used in conjunction with a spiffy new Mark Ultra VIII emeter produces exceptional results.

    This is no time to be theetie-wheetie, our leader is in peril!


  3. Reading this communication from 1992 is similar to unearthing a 1992 time capsule containing the 20+ year old postulates of “No one calls him Captain” David Miscaviage.

    Laugh, laugh, laugh all you JD DB’s, who flock to this blog like flies to a dung heap.

    All of a sudden, “No One calls him Captain” David Miscaviage’s preliminary order of 60,000 Mark VIII Ultras last week is put in proper perspective.

    Perhaps Blake Silber does not remember 1992, when POS David Miscaviage postulated 700k men, women, and children in the SO serving 37,000 missions and almost 3,000 Ideal Orgs with their 250k auditors.

    Pull your SP head out of your CI ass Mr. Silber. Do you see the big picture now?


    • Exactamundo Captain Whostolemycog!

      The so-called “massive global statcrash” CICS defeatists such as Blake Silber wring their pantywaisted hands about is just the tide of Theta pulling hundreds of miles out to sea before a Tsunami of Straight Up & Vertical Expansion slams this prison planet with the force of a billion Venutian freight locomotives.

      Suddenly, and only after Blake Silber is in an RPF penal colony on some godforsaken atoll, Bridge Publications International’s stats will boom into stratospheric and screaming AFFLUENCE for two reasons:

      1. Blake Silber was the SP, the “who” behind the sabotage and statcrash who has now been located, shattered, and RPF’d into oblivion. Sales will boom once his covert suppressive suppression has been lifted and ethics and tech are gotten back in at Bridge.

      2. Captain Miscavige’s 4th Dynamic global salvage campaign, after years of patient work, finally bears the sure and certain fruit of his efforts to audit this planet from fifty meters behind its head. People will flood into the Ideal Orgs and join the Sea Org by the hundreds of thousands and the millions.

      The Bottom Line: 697,000 Sea Org members is good news for rice and bean suppliers everywhere!


      • Why, Thank you Captain Dodo! I feel very honoured that you believe I was one of The Loyal Officers. And yes indeed, we do come back!


  4. The bible says to “walk by faith and not by sight.” Well the wog book shall be thrown on top of the fire with the pre-GAT II books anyway. Our motto is “do what COB says, not what COB does.”

    Anytime I feel uncertainty or doubt I simply look down at my WWCS bracelet. I may suggest you do the same. “What Would COB Say?” If you haven’t got one of these bracelets, it is available after you turn your WWCD bracelet back in. After signing my agreement, I submitted my What Would COB Do bracelet back in, and the Church even allowed me to pay for my own shipping! How theta!!!


  5. I have no doubt, our beloved Leader of Leaders, David Misprediction will be able to live up to his predictions of the future. As Tom Cruise said, addressing DM: “I´ve personally been very privileged to see what YOU do to HELP PROTECT and SERVE all of us! (To the audience) I wanna tell you something: I´ve NEVER met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being outside of what I´ve experienced from LRH! And I´ve met the Leaders of Leaders. Ok!? I´ve met them all!”

    David Misdirection has my full confidence and trust. If he can´t do it, nobody can. – But I KNOW he can!


  6. A suppressive poem by a degraded alien psych to demonstrate the pitiful and degraded resistance to Captain Miscavige’s only hope for planetary salvation:

    Somebody said that it couldn’t be done–
    But Dave with a grin, replied,
    He’d never be one to say it couldn’t be done–
    Leastways, not ’til he’d tried.
    So he buckled right in, with a trace of a grin,
    By golly, he went right to it!
    He tackled The Thing That Couldn’t Be Done!
    And he couldn’t do it.



    • Andrew, that poem did not have a happy ending — and you know how much Captain Miscavige and John Travolta both like happy endings!

      Well, it was written by a DB Psych and so it just figures.


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