Urgent! Urgent! Attn: OSA PR Volunteers

Time for an “away game.”

Follow this link to a story at National Review’s website about CNN’s ratings slump.

We in RTC have commented using Disqus. We explained how CNN has a ratings crash because it attacked the Church of Scientology.

It would be delightful if all of you OSA PR Volunteers rushed over there and posted to show your support for the Church and COB!

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  1. OSA is on it! OSA is on everything! David Miscavige could not do it without OSA, and I sure like them getting the attention they deserve.:-)


  2. What a perfect way to fight back against suppression and show the sanity of the church at the same time!!

    I dare say OTVIII…this was a masterstroke.


  3. A permanent Ethics commendation has been placed in the Ethics file of everyone who participated. This is something we, as OSA PR volunteers, can and should do at other websites when the Church needs defending.

    As needed, we in RTC will post an “URGENT! OSA PR VOLUNTEERS!” message here at the blog with the link and we can do a flashmob posting thing to defend the Church and COB.

    Here is the transcript of the fight against the Psychlos:

    • 13 hours ago
    We in the Church of Scientology can authoritatively state that CNN has experienced this ratings slump, this statcrash, as a direct result of the attacks it made upon the Church of Scientology and our ecclesiastical leader, the noted humanitarian Mr. David Miscavige.

    CNN is a suppressive cable channel diametrically opposed to the Church’s social betterment programs and our efforts to clear this Planet of its queer implants and reactive R6 bank.

    CNN is also savagely opposed to the Church’s heroic efforts to obliterate the menace posed by Psychiatry and psychiatric medications. Why the opposition? Is it because the Pharmaceutical industry is funding CNN?

    We ask you to immediately report to your nearest Church of Scientology Ideal Org today for a tour and a free personality test. Not only will you pleased with our impeccably upscale facilities, but we guarantee that you will be positively delighted with our new Ultra Mark VII e-meter.

    50,000x more sensitive than our old e-meter, our new e-meter allows for sec checks and interrogations that are generally far less severe than they have been in the past.

    Scientology_411 OTVIIIisGrrr8!
    • 2 hours ago
    OTVIIIisGrrr8 is absolutely correct! This is exactly what happens to yellow journalist outfits that falsely attack a fine organization like the Church of Scientology. Their ratings go into the toilet. Psychiatry and psychology are especially threatened because Scientology has proven that all mental and medical illnesses can be cured by people with a weekend of training! This is why they pay bucketloads of cash to CNN and other media outlets to slander our fine organization.

    In their “reporting” CNN failed to mention anything about the church’s many wonderful social betterment initiatives such as:

    1. Putting unemployed children to work doing valuable manual labor in the service of expanding Scientology when they would be otherwise wasting their time in school learning useless subjects like math and science.

    2. Fighting poverty in the 3rd world by supplying their backwards populations with Way to Happiness Booklets which remind them in the simplest way possible to brush their teeth and not murder each other.

    3. Lowering drug abuse in Ireland by 85% last year with our powerful anti-drug campaign teaching that all pain and mental ilness can be instantly cured with Scientology (all major credit cards now accepted – yay!).

    Woe be to those that seek to expose Scientology as anything less than the world’s fastest growing and most popular religion – now with over 1 billion members worldwide!

    • 6 hours ago
    Listen here OTVIII…Captain Miscaviage is going to box your ears for referring to the outdated Mark VII, when in fact you meant the totally new Mark VIII. Get yourself a PTS rundown immediately.

    I encourage everyone to head straight to the official website below for more information on all things Scientology, home of the sanest people on the planet.


    And don’t forget to take notice of Scientology’s new television commercials this weekend during the Super Bowl. Also, watch for them during the Olympics.

    Scientology is 100% factual religious technology. You’ll pay a pretty penny to be a member, but we promise to make it worth your while. All of our religious technology comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Stop in and ask us for details.

    Hope to see you soon…



    Lord Xenu!

    Sarah James
    • 12 hours ago

    LMAO. I am on my way to get the free personality test, and a third set of the Basics. I must , must have two of the 50,000x more sensitive e-meters. I heard they are giving out a free (if you donate $1,000) autographed picture of Tom Cruise’s thumb print.
    Mr. David Miscavige would like to offer the staff at CNN a puriffication rundown at no charge ( if they each donate $7,000) followed by a relaxing stay at the Fort Harrison Hotel. If they fit into room 172. Dave says he’ll leave the light on.
    • 5 hours ago
    And stop by the juice bar in the new Flag building for a Tom Cruise toe jam super power smoothie.

    Sarah James DMSTCC
    • 35 minutes ago
    Don’t you just love scientology? The perks alone keep me coming back. Rubbing elbows with movie stars like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley alone and they are the only ones who can save humanity. Yeah! Scientology has a van that runs a couple of times a week or month depending on the sea org members conceived wombs. Free taxpayer abortions! We don’t bother with birth control- that is a waste of money when we have we can get those free abortions! And now “toe jam super power smoothies” free, with a three hundred dollar donation. God, I love scientology..
    Moonbeam@aol.com OTVIIIisGrrr8!
    • 12 hours ago
    …..and if you act now, as a newly christened cool-aid drinker, you’ll get a free tin foil hat!

    Sarah James Moonbeam@aol.com
    • 12 hours ago
    I gotta get me one of those!!!

    OTVIIIisGrrr8! Moonbeam@aol.com
    • 12 hours ago

    Moonbeam@aol.com — Your activities have been reported to the Official of Special Affairs (OSA) and a file opened on you.


  4. I hope this win will be promoted in the next IAS event. I imagine it lessened something by 85% in some sort of positive way. Davy will figure out those details.

    Scientology is winning!! 🙂


  5. Are there any message boards or sites where characters like L. Ron Hubbard are discussed in unfanatical ways? So not as a flawless visionary saint and not as a scumbag villain conman. Both extreme approaches to discussing L. Ron Hubbard are self serving and worthless IMO


    • JJJB, the fact is that this blog is 100% ON SOURCE.

      We are the only blog fully approved and authorized by COB. Per policy, Church of Scientology parishioners can freely read and post here.

      This blog has very high standards and consistently works to protect Scientology parishioners from all wog garbage and filth on the internet.


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