Captain Blackheart


Ricardo Cedillo Esq. of San Antonio

Captain David Miscavige’s wog attorney Ricardo Cedillo was in court yesterday defending the Captain against all sorts of scurrilous allegations.

Having been hatted in the Scientology PR series, Mr. Cedillo kept repeating a certain phrase over and over and over to the court:

“It doesn’t matter if my client has a black heart, what matters is that it’s a case of religion.”

Why was this phrase repeated?

It is because all that matters to the wog judge in the case — what he wants to hear because he is a Scientology-hating religious bigot — is that David Miscavige is evil and has a black heart.

Once the judge hears the false data that he wants to hear about David Miscavige, he will then accept that this case is all about religion. Whereupon, the judge will dismiss the case.

This is the brilliance of the exact technology behind Scientology PR.

Only we in the Church of Scientology know how to exactly and precisely handle PR and people so that they do what we want and need — and that is why we are winning in court in Texas.

COB RTC David Miscavige showed his complete mastery of PR in his award-winning 1992 interview with ABC’s Ted Koppel:

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  1. Barnacle davey will make the judge bend to his will, just a matter of time. He has 132 atty’s on the case and each one has been ordered to tell the judge the same pharse, I mean lie, I mean phrase. You see the judge is a wog, a degraded being and although we know he was charmed when dm refered to himself as captain miscavige the sad truth is the judge will never in a billion years be a big being. So, every so often you will hear one of davey’s lackey’s utter the words blackheart. Soon the judge will be under his spell. All will be good in the land of scionlooney land. The End~


  2. The real SP here is Big Tobacco and its agents. They are responsible for Captain’s heart turning black. And that’s what Ricardo was trying to communicate over and over again to the honorable wog judge.

    First, Scientology religion and its founder El Ronaldo were harassed by Kools. Later, the church was infiltrated by Camel non-filters.

    It’s been an ongoing whole track battle from the early 50’s and from 79 trillion years ago, also.

    Clearly, it’s a case of religion. Leave Captain Blackheart alone!


  3. “COB RTC David Miscavige showed his complete mastery of PR in his award-winning 1992 interview with ABC’s Ted Koppel”

    I bet ABC’s Ted Koppel was jealous of COB’s award-winning haircut too.


    • That haircut gives him another inch of height. Add that to his two inch platform shoes and you are “Standing Tall.” (BTW, don’t play that song over and over in your head thinking of DM) He-he! 🙂


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