David Miscavige

David Miscavige Endangered During an 8 Hour Chase by Drug-Fueled Paparazzi on the Streets of Hollywood! Speeds Reach 190 Miles Per Hour!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don’t know what real danger is!

Their fake story of being chased around NYC for two hours wherein they claim to have been endangered by reckless paparazzi is nothing compared to what just really happened to David Miscavige!

David Miscavige is the most famous, well-loved, and most popular man in the world. He is more famous and well-loved than Jesus, the Dali Lama, Paul McCartney, Bono, Madonna, the Pope, and everyone else put together!

Everyone wants to see photos of David Miscavige. Any paparazzi can easily sell photos of David Miscavige for $5 million each. This is why paparazzi are always hovering around Scientology’s Hollywood Orgs and Flag hoping to snap pix of the Scientology’s elusive Fleet Admiral!

What just happened today is that Fleet Admiral David Miscavige was chased for 8 hours by psych-drug-fueled and crazed paparazzi through the streets of Hollywood. The speeds reached 190 mph (305 kmh) at times. The paparazzi tried to run David Miscavige’s car off the road so many times you wouldn’t even believe it!

It is only because David Miscavige is the world’s greatest high-performance race car driver — he has won the World Grand Prix Championship for 30 years in a row — that he was able to finally escape from his fanatical pursuers!

David Miscavige is the one who taught Tom Cruise how to drive cars, fly airplanes, parachute!

So just leave David Miscavige alone paparazzi! If you want to see him then watch Scientology TV!

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