Scientology Scientists Offer Yet More Revolutionary Proof of the Flat Earth!

Latest research findings by the Scientology Science College are revolutionary in nature!

Leonardo DaVinci used artificial intelligence to predict the invention of computers and staplers. Staplers are still in wide use today to hold sheets of paper together.

Amazing Yet True: Sheets of paper, which contain blocks of non-digital information, can be held together by a slender metal staple which pierces the papers. The two prongs of the staple are flattened and curved inwards towards each other when the mechanical action of the stapler arm causes them to make contact with the anvil of the stapler.

When examined under a microscope, the flatness of the staple and the flat sheets of paper offer us yet another real life mathematical proof of our flat earth.

Physicists still do not understand how a single staple can hold together sheets of paper that weigh hundreds of times more than the staple. Some scientists, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, have speculated that dark matter is involved.

What Scientology Science discovered and conclusively proved in 2022 is that dark matter neither reflects nor radiates light because it is has no electricity in it.

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