David Miscavige Orders People to Stop Suing Scientology!

RTC Orders of the Day: Until further notice, all lawsuits against Scientology, Captain-Defendant Miscavige, et al are not to be filed until the very large backlog of lawsuits is cleared. We in Scientology are taking over two years just to pick arbitrators. We are also appealing to the Supreme Court over a horrible CA Appeals Court decision.

Scientology is hemorrhaging cash from all of the lawsuits, criminal cases, lawyer and PI bills, etc. This is delaying all progress on the Ideal Orgs. For example, Plymouth remains a rotting pile of mold and decay and is now rodent-infested as is Int Base.

“Enough is enough!” declared Captain-Defendant Miscavige. “And no, I am not accepting service of subpoena. I will stay in hiding forever if I have to! I refuse to ever be in a wog court again! My experience in 1992 in court was terrifying and I am still aberrated, enturbulated, and in chronic restimulation!”

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  1. Well, I have news for everyone. Mr. Cap’n Fleet Admiral COB RTC David Miscavige IS NOT ON THE RUN!!!!! COB, as always is on the job single handing pretty much everything having to do with salvaging this sector of the guh-lax-ee. If anything, he is “hiding” in plain sight. If one could actually keep up with him, one could find him constantly in front of crowds of parishioners, curious unwashed masses, degraded media interviewers, OSA lackeys, wog lawyers and PIs etc. etc. etc. Rumor has it he doesn’t even have time for his 2D and hasn’t been able to see his wife in almost two decades!!! He even forgoes auditing and training for personal gain. Not taking advantage of the Tech, how dedicated is that???

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