We Prove Why “Heavier Than Air Flight” is a Fallacy & Part of a Conspiracy!

If heavier than air flight were a real thing, then it stands to reason one could fly a plane all the way to the Moon. In fact, because there is supposedly no air in the interstellar medium called outer space, then a plane would encounter no resistance from air. So, using logic alone, a plane could effortlessly fly through outer space because there would be no drag. This is where their scam falls apart because the US Gov’t said it is impossible for planes to fly in space — and now the Gov’t suddenly needed hundreds of billions of dollars more for rocket ships and the “Space Program.”

Fake terms like “escape velocity” were created to explain why rocket ships were needed to get into outer space where they say there is no air. But where is their proof that there is no air in outer space? Look, just because NASA puts people in these ridiculous “space suits” and takes photos doesn’t make it true.

The US Gov’t can’t even keep it’s own story straight. It claims there is no air in outer space and then it supposedly flies a helicopter on Mars which is… in outer space! The Gov’t can’t have it both ways! If there is no air in outer space, and Mars is in outer space, then a helicopter can’t generate lift on Mars. But then NASA says it is a special outer space helicopter. Right.

And then NASA makes up stories about how people float in space and are weightless. But people also float in water and yet anyone who has ever gone swimming knows you can float in water but you are not “weightless.” Don’t be conned by buoyancy and camera tricks folks. Even NASA admits astronauts train in swimming pools.

Note: Our scientific research was accepted for publication by JOSS, a prestigious scientific journal.

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