How David Miscavige Destroyed the Rogue Scientology Regges Behind the Chase Wave Credit Card Fraud!

We in Scientology hasten to remind the public that we are the most ethical group on the planet.

There has never been any “Chase Wave” or even a scintilla of financial irregularity within any of the churches of Scientology.

Now, have there been a few rogues here and there?


There have been a few rogues. Jimmy Mulligan was one such rogue. However, he was sent in by the FBI as a plant.

We in RTC have always terminatedly handled the rogues by the swift, ferocious, and harsh application of Scientology Ethics and Justice.

And that’s why COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige declared all the rogue regges globally — which is to say all of Scientology’s regges — who were behind the Chase Wave credit card fraud. And that is how 100% Standard Scientology Ethics were restored in the Church.

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  1. It’s reassuring that the ecclesiastical leader of the world’s fastest growing religion makes it perfectly clear that the Church has never tolerated any financial malpractice or fraud, unlike all those other so called religions who embrace it.

    Scientologists have always benefited from the financial probity and rectitude of their fellow thetans and I am proud to remember my own assertion from the past: “My money’s with REEED..”

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