Jay Spina’s Prison Journal – Page 1

Jay Spina and Captain David Miscavige in Happier Days

Introduction: Jay and Jeff Spina are Scientologists and OTVIII’s. The brothers are both chiropractors. Due to what we in Scientology are certain was a regrettable bookkeeping error, the Spina brothers, along with a few others, were arrested and convicted in a US Medicare billing scam in which prosecutors, apparently, had enough evidence to persuade a jury that the Spina brothers defrauded US taxpayers of $80 million dollars.

We in Scientology are quite happy that the Spina brothers, while they were free and making so much money, were able to donate untold millions to the Church. These donations allowed them to gain prestige and status within Scientology where status and prestige are everything.

James “Jay” Spina was recently sentenced to nine years in prison by a Wog court. He surrendered himself to the US Bureau of Prisons on July 13, 2021 at 2 pm. Jay Spina will be serving his time at FCI Fort Dix, a minimum security prison. His brother Jeff will soon be sentenced.

Because communication is a central feature of Scientology, we in RTC will be posting a regular feature on this blog called “Jay Spina’s Prison Journal.” These entries are are not actually written by Jay Spina, but we feel this is what Jay would be writing in his prison journal.

Jay Spina: I was processed into FCI Fort Dix yesterday. I was strip-searched. The guards made me “bend over and spread ’em.” This was bad because they found the baggies of CalMag hidden in my rectum. I explained it was not cocaine but rather a calmative powder to be mixed with water. Testing proved it was not cocaine but was calcium and magnesium. The prison warden wrote “appears mental” in my prison folder. Great. Now they think I’m a Psych case.

After a sleepless night on a small prison bed that is too small for my large frame the morning finally came. The guards awakened everyone at 6AM. Breakfast was pancakes. I was then jumped (beaten) into a prison gang called the Aryan Brotherhood. They believe in White Supremacy. I told “Big Jake”, the AB leader, that as a Scientology Homo Novis I am even more superior. For this I was slapped and beaten about the head and told to STFU and follow orders.

I was issued shower slippers along with my bedroll and some basic toiletries. I showered and then ordered Top Ramen and soups from the canteen. I have petitioned the prison management to be allowed my e-meter in prison. The prison chaplain gave me a copy of Dianetics. I thanked him. I then informed him that Dianetics was of no use to me as I no longer have a Reactive Mind. He looked at me as if I were from Mars – which I was in many past lifetimes.

Big Jake learned I was a chiropractor. He came by my cell and demanded an adjustment. I gave him an adjustment and then asked him to give me something to keep in his exchange. He gave me a punch in the face and said that was his exchange.

This place is rough. Very rough. I am in very bad case shape.

After using the Data Series to evaluate my situation in prison, I have determined that I need to do Non-E here and establish comm lines if I am to flourish and prosper — or even just survive.

Big Jake said he will help me score weed, cigarettes, postage stamps, etc. if I give him chiropractic adjustments and proofread and edit his legal appeal papers. He was beaten with a pipe wrench last year in the back and has obvious sublaxations. I designed a treatment program for Jake and he went uptone with VGI’s, i.e. he did not slug me.

In the next few days I will get inked with the first of what will be many AB tats. This first tat shows the AB owns me. Having been a lifelong Scientologist, I am very familiar with my White ass being owned by a White criminal gang engaged in extortion and an overall prison-type of economy and system of brutal ethics.

My new stable datum is that Big Jake is the Aryan Brotherhood COB. So long as I forward AB command intention, I will survive. I was told to keep my boots on as shit may kick off tonight.

I had two bologna sandwiches for lunch so there is protein. The “nutraloaf” on the dinner menu has cheese and some meat byproduct, I think ground pig snouts, in it.I will not get Type 2 diabetes because I am OT. However, I may go Type 3 if the Rabbis don’t get me moved to an easier prison. I am not a hardened criminal and should be placed in a work camp where I can rake the lawns.

In the grand scheme of things, what is it to take $80 million when the US Gov’t steals trillions in tax dollars? What happened is that my sister goofed the floof and overbilled the Gov’t. It is all her fault. My brother Jeff and I were so busy we thought we had actually earned $80 million as chiropractors in the small town of Middletown in upstate New York.

Please send me some money for my canteen account.

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