Scientology Purchases Ernest Angley’s 747 for Use in Delivering OT9 & OT10

At the age of 99, Christian televangelist Ernest Angley dropped his body on May 7, 2021.

“Pastor Angley left behind his beloved 747SP, a special long haul spaceplane which boasts an unrefueled range of 900 billion-trillion miles and a top speed of Warp 15, which is 15x the speed of light,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“Pastor Angley used his 747SP spaceplane to make frequent roundtrips to what he believed was the Christian Heaven,” Delusion noted. “Unfortunately, Angley had been deceived by lying spirits and was actually traveling to the implanting stations on Mars, Jupiter, and other locations in this sector of the galaxy.”

“Nevertheless, due to the unique characteristics and high performance of Pastor Angley’s spaceplane, we in Scientology have purchased the vehicle as a place in which to deliver the OT9 and OT10 levels. COB RTC Mr. Miscavige felt that outer space — a place far from the 5G radiation, volcanoes, and internet access of Earth — was the best environment for these soon-to-be-released OT levels.”

“The spaceplane has been renamed the Freewinds II. As soon as we replace the landing gear and upgrade the interior of the spaceplane to Ideal Org standards, we will take the first 200 OT8’s into space for OT9 and OT10. These levels are unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. OT10’s will gain the abilities of levitation, telekinesis, ESP, walking on water, super AI memory, and the ability to dematerialize from wherever they are and instantaneously rematerialize anywhere in the universe. Forget all of the techno-transhumanist nonsense,” Delusion emphasized, “OT9 and OT10 are the real deal.”

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  1. dm is going way out to deliver OT9 & 10! A Freewinds ll spaceplanes! That is more like it dm! However there is the Van Allen Belt and I have it from a well renowned space traveler agent that that mass of radiation hates OTs and Scientology. Should be interesting Ken D! 😘

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