David Miscavige Arrested. Church of Scientology Dissolved and Disincorporated.

David Miscavige was arrested today by the FBI in a predawn raid on his secret compound in Texarkana, Texas. Miscavige, 61, was charged with 11,822 assorted felonies and an additional 18,628 misdemeanors.

At the same time, the US Government dissolved and discorporated the Church of Scientology.

As the assets of a dissolved 501(c)(3) religious organization can only be turned over to another 501(c)(3) religious organization, all of Scientology’s assets were given to the Nation of Islam, a non-criminal organization which practices Scientology.

When informed of Mr. Miscavige’s arrest, Minister Louis Farrakhan chuckled and mentioned that had Miscavige ever actually bothered to read and study Mr. Hubbard’s books, he would have understood such things as the third party rule. Farrakhan further noted that Mr. Miscavige, “Never understood how to properly run a highly effective GO program.”

Mr. Farrakhan added that his first official act as leader of the new $3 billion Church of IslamoScientology was to declare David Miscavige a Suppressive Person for all of eternity.

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  1. You say it like it is: thousands have been waiting for this move to justice and they understand that the numbers are not inflated as they don’t include the thousands more here in Anzo (Australia and New Zealand) whose lives were ruined or ended by this scandalous suppressive person, small of stature and substantial of evil.



  2. Funny. The irony is that since around 1991 I think, Scn. has been FULLY incorporated into the Illuminati Jewish Banking Dynasty Global Cabaal. It clearly agreed a Deal out of court, with IRS and Alphabet Agencies – a settlement that then provides it with a Religion Tax Exemption. The world is owned, controlled and run by psychopaths that also created own and run these guys also😑👍


  3. I lost my best friend yesterday. It was my sister. I happened to critizise Scientology in some way..She went crazy and doesn’t want to do anything with me anymore. Go figure.
    BTW: I’m so happy that this dwarf finally got arrested.


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