Florida Political Hack Chris Latvala Honored as Scientology Lap Dog of the Month

Chris Latvala, Scientology Lap Dog

Chris Latvala, an eminently mediocre member of the Florida House of Representatives, has been awarded the Scientology Lap Dog of the Month for his spirited defense of Scientology.

“We in Scientology were able to get Latava to write some lame tweets attacking a journalist on our behalf. Latava got up on his hind legs and blathered on about how he is Baptist and that Scientology is also a religion and religions shouldn’t be attacked. It was a classic lapdog performance,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“This is why we in Scientology always keep a few of these lightweight throwaway idiot wog politicians on our payroll. Latava even spoke at one of our Narconon events in November 2020.”

“Christian fools like Latvala are so easily conned,” Delusion chuckled. “Latvala has obviously never read his Bible. This has allowed Scientology to take advantage of his weak-headed embrace of a heretical pseudo-Christian universalism wherein all paths lead to God.”

Chris Latvala was patted on the head and given a chew toy and dog treats as a reward for his obedience to his Scientology master David Miscavige.

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