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  1. I agree 110% with this sign!!! If someone needs to take a long walk on a short pier, it is always better to hire someone else for that work. Wog “justice” (what a joke) has no clue about what our Founder called the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics. Until wogs get this they will never understand those pink legs sticking out, the dull thud of ones enemies in the dark, the simple beauty of our most workable process — R2-45, or just a good ol’ over exuberant Severe Reality Adjustment. Or, for that matter a honestly done, thorough, relentless Gang Bang Sec Check where the Sec Checkee wishes the fuck they were dead. When We take over this gawd forsaken dirt clod of a planet and put the sad legacy of wog “justice” behind us we will be free to take care of those in the lower areas of the Tone Scale the way the Founder wanted us to take care of them. The final solution so to speak. Scientology truly is the coolest religion on the Whole Track. Attila the Hun, the Khans, Hitler, Pol Pot, thought they knew what they were doing but we’ve got the Tech and they didn’t. Those guys thought they were cool, but Ron put the KOOL in cool. Hip, Hip, Whore, Aaaaa.

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