Give the Gift of Scientology

Each winter, the Marcab-NWO Reptilian enslavers use the disguise of “Christmas” to engage in their annual re-energization of the mass R6 electronic implant. Christmas bells, yuletide logs, gifts, singing, and family celebrations are part of the implanting process of the Western World Wogs.

While the Wogs of the world sleep the sleep of the implanted on Christmas Eve, we in Scientology are wide awake. We in Scientology are ever vigilant in scanning the dark night skies for the planned Marcab Mass Landing. We in Scientology are relentless in our surveillance. What better gift to give your 2D and 3D than the gift of Scientology 24/7/365 surveillance?

With prices beginning as low as $360,000, the price of being safe in Scientology is a bargain. Just sign a few contracts, pay us the money, and we will turn you into one of us, one of the Chosen Ones. Come and enjoy a real Christmas with us, safe in the knowledge that you will get better because we are always watching you.

We in Scientology are watching you watching us
L. Ron Hubbard Way is as empty and desolate as the North Pole

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  1. The gift of Scientology is also the gift of:

    Constant surveillance and the associated paranoia
    Disconnection and broken families
    Mind control
    Slavery and human trafficking (Sea Org)
    Child labor
    Forced abortions
    LRH’s stolen valor and a life of lies
    LRH’s overt racism
    LRH’s documented belief that adults passionately kissing children is OK
    COB beating staff
    COB blaming others for his failures (note to COB – you pulled it in!)

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  2. I also keep a watch over the night skies, ever worried about the pending Marcab invasion. I hope the sneaky, scaly bastards don’t try to pull this off during day while I’m on course. My question for you in RTC is: where in the hell do I go once the invasion starts? Do I need a special pass to get into one of those secret underground bunkers where the Tech is stored on titanium plates? (I really don’t know anything about those bunkers, I’m asking for a friend) What happens if I don’t have a Silver Certed Hubbard Telex Machine to get messages from you in RTC? Do you think this invasion will happen before 2:00pm next Thursday?

    And Merry ChristMASS R6 Implant to all and to all a good night at your local fundraiser. May we all flourish and prosper and move up in Status asap.

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    • Ms. B. Haven, when the Marcab mass landing happens your OT bracelet will be activated by all of sirens. Your OT bracelet will send out a signal and one of our beamships will pick you up within 10 minutes.

      This is the real reason why Clears are in danger: Clears cannot be rescued from the Marcabs because they are not OT. This is why everyone who wants to be saved must go OT now. Begin this very moment. Call Flag Land Base now and get onto your OT preps. Call now for details on discount priced “Marcab Rescue” package.

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