The Cancellation of Scientology’s Nuremberg Rallies Drives David Miscavige Into Agonizing Applause Withdrawal

“COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has not been able to hold one of his large Nuremberg rallies all year,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“COB craves the applause and the hundreds of standing ovations these events give him. He feeds off the applause and adulation. He needs applause.”

“COB became shaky and jittery earlier this year when the applause ended. He began watching his past events to drink in the applause, but it just wasn’t the same as live applause.”

2020 has been a bad year for narcissists,” Delusion emphasized. “No big events means no live applause. And this is why David Miscavige went into grueling applause withdrawal earlier this week and had to be confined to a special Hollywood facility that treats applause addiction and applause withdrawal.”

“Called Applauseanon,” this Scientology program uses ample quantities of alcohol and pills to sate the pain of wounded narcissism. Tears, rage, and uncontrolled sobbing are encouraged. The narcissists are assured that the world is not ending, that they are loved, and that the applause will return very soon.”

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    • “Get in line to be signed up. We have so many people who have entered Applauseanon already,” said Ken Delusion.

      “Grant Cardone underwent severe applause withdrawal and had to be admitted to Applauseanon,” Delusion noted. “Grant is sobbing that his stats on social media suck; that he is being sued for securities violations; and that no one loves him. He is a blubbering train wreck of a thetan and is screaming for applause — and yet the applause is not there.”

      “Grant Cardone is coming to the sobering realization that he truly sucks and he can’t blame it on the ‘haters.’ Grant mocks up haters because he is not at cause. A real OT does not go the effect of criticism like Grant does and become a whiny little bitch.”

      “Joy Villa was admitted to Applauseanon two weeks ago when she realized no one gave a shit about her politics and that #JoyTribe had only one member which was herself,” Delusion commented. “We let Joy into the program on the condition that she cannot ‘sing’ because what she calls singing is both awful and painful to hear.”

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      • Would you in RTC be willing to order the hard working crew at Golden Era Studios to do some sort of sound mixing to combine the wonderful voices and music of our Founder with that of Joy Villa? That would be some music worthy of any fundraiser and surely bring in the dough for our Church and the IAS. Thanks in advance.

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