Flag Land Base Reports Highest Ever Auditing Boom — Every Auditing Room In Use!

“Now that Florida is open for business following the Psych-infested hysteria over some imaginary disease, the pent up demand for auditing has created a highest-ever boom in well done auditing hours,” said CO FLB Mr. Ken Delusion.

“Every last one of Flag’s 112,543 GAT II trained flubless auditors are booked through 2027. Likewise, Flag’s 246,072 auditing rooms are booked. All 22,967 Flag course rooms are packed to the rafters with preclears winning on all dynamics!”

“Last week Flag made an incredible 33,212,035 Clears and 15,982,042 OT’s began SOLO NOTs!”

This is is the biggest boom of booms of booms in Scientology history. And it is all happening thanks to COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige’s foresight in single-handedly shattering suppression, cleaning up the field, and reissuing the Tech in correct form with all malicious semicolons nuked.”

“It was a Herculean effort — and one that deserves a Nobel Prize — but someone had to clean up all of the errors made by LRH. Because COB is a terminal of greater magnitude than LRH it fell to him alone to handle it and he did! Thank you sir!”

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  1. I love the position of the door handle! david has his mind on anatomy rather than any auditing being delivered. In session the handle is horizontal but out of session it delivers a powerful Squeeze to a tender area, Of course this may be only the secret entrance to a cleaning supplies closet and once the door is opened poor hapless members of the Sea Org go in but never come back out! OTV1111 is on fire! đź’›


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