I’m a Scientologist at my Org but a Wog Everywhere Else!

The recent 1,000+ parishioner sec checks conducted by we in RTC revealed a shocking fact: Fully 95% of Scientology publics will only admit to being Scientologists when they are in their Orgs!

Everywhere else these theetie-wheetie, dilettante, no-confront Scientologists pretend to be Wogs so they can “blend in” and act like they don’t belong to a strange cultic group awash daily in criminality, lies, and glib false PR.

Scientology publics also confessed in sec checks that they are ashamed of COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige and his horrible reputation as a violent sociopath. However, all of these foregoing perceptions are utterly false. Indeed, a more important set of alternate facts are at work:

  • We as Scientologists have never been closer to making planetary clearing a reality
  • There are now 50% fewer beatings, kidnappings, and false imprisonments in Scientology
  • Scientology remains the fastest growing religion in the world. Scientology is now larger than Islam
  • COB has located and expelled 90% of the SP’s from Scientology.
  • Ed Parkin remains unhandled only because he keeps fading in and out of consciousness

“What is needed,” said Director of Scientology Fanaticism Mr. Ken Delusion, “is a full-blooded charge over the ramparts of Wogdom! This planet belongs to Scientologists! We must stop hiding out and pretending we are wogs!”

“Scientology publics must stop being low-toned spectators,” Delusion emphasized. “Scientology publics must join the battle that we in the Sea Org fight everyday against the forces of planetary suppression.”

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  1. “Snott has essentially gone off the deep end about this whole COVID-19 epidemic.”

    We in RTC agree. Snott has Ev Purps to destroy others by literally forcing them onto the streets. Snott is seeing Martians.

    Here’s something to take Snott’s mind off his hysteria and refocus him on something very real he doesn’t know about:


  2. Being that Scientology’s union with the Nation of Islam has been so successful and beneficial to both groups, would COB Mr. Miscavage consider joining forces with the QAnon benevolent cult to help bring down Bill Gates, 5G, masks and this phony COVID virus going around everywhere?


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