David Miscavige Models Dope New Scientology Look

“A black satin shirt, gold lame pants, and black leather boots is the dope new retro 1970’s look for Sea Org and Scientology publics alike,” chortled COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

“Buy your new wardrobe from the Scientology Dope Clothing Store in Clearwater! Wear it pride!”

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  1. Insouciance and style! Once again Captain Miscavige has triumphed with his sartorial elegance.

    Soon the Orgs will be booming with eager and wealthy young fashion conscious recruits.

    Ron made just the right choice to appoint COB as temporary acting chairman of Scientology until His return!


  2. These people are truly nuts!! Sad to say but they should get the virus and then tell us its not real!!
    They must be in cahoots with China!!
    And why did Cruise quarantine in England if theres no such thing???


  3. Is this for the remake of Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta? Those heels on his boots are as tall as he is…. But oops…I forgot..if there is a Saturday Night Fever than they must be PTS! Ok, please send them to Ethics please!


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