Scientology Leader Miscavige Highly Insulted: No E-Meters or OT Materials Have Been Stolen By Looters! Do the Looters Really Think Apple & Gucci are Better Things to Steal?

Scientology leader David Miscavige is highly insulted. Some would even say he is extremely enturbulated.

After decades of insisting that the Psychs, the Illuminati, the Vatican, the CIA, and the Freemasons are engaged in a plot to steal Scientology’s Tech, David Miscavige is highly insulted by the fact that no looters anywhere in the world have made any attempts to steal Scientology’s Tech or even its e-meters.

“Looters are going after Apple phones, laptops, and tablets. They are stealing Gucci and other luxury brands! This is so insulting to we in Scientology that looters prefer MEST items over the Tech that would free them from their Reactive Minds,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“What has caused the looters to think less of Scientology?” Delusion asked. “It must be all the Black PR that has caused people to think we’re a malicious cult. Back in the day, an OT III pack was worth its weight in gold. Nowadays, however, the looters are all MEST beings and want wog luxury goods.”


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  1. I don’t know what all this ARCx and butthurt is all about!!! The only reason looters are not going after the priceless Advanced Materials and Mark Super VIII Easybake Warehouse E-Meters is because they have MUs (that’s a Misunderstood Word for all you ignorant wogs reading this post). And this is why we Scientologists are not handing out The Way To Happiness pamphlets. If the looters and thugs were to Word Clear TWTH booklets using GAT II Study Tech, they would suddenly realize the enormous Theta value of Ron’s Tech and then all hell would break loose. Untold hoards of the unwashed masses would be breaking down the doors of their nearest Ideal Org just for a Pinch Test on the E-meter. With Scientology TV already bringing in super-duper record numbers of raw meat, we just can’t deal with that kind of volume. The looters are simply going to have to wait their turn to ascend The Bridge to Total Freedom.


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