Scientologists Refuse to Shelter in Place. Take to the Streets to Body Route Wogs into Orgs

With the Church of Scientology’s income having crashed to minus zero, Church leader David Miscavige ordered all Scientologists in America out on the streets.

“The job of all Scientologists is to body route raw meat wogs into our Orgs.”

“We need cash because Scientologists have no cash. All of the wogs in America received $2,000 stimulus checks from the government and that will pay for some courses or part of a Basics library,” Miscavige proclaimed from an unknown location. “Get that stimulus money now!”

Scientologists at the Alamogordo Org were the first to comply with Command Intention and fanned out into the desert in search of wogs.

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  1. Sadly, this Command Intention order from Fleet Admiral Capt’n Mr. David ‘Decon’ Miscavige will be very hard to comply with. The problem is that Scientology has been so successful as a result of Scientology Media Productions that there are so few wogs left to Body Route. It seems that most of the raw meat wogs on this planet have seen what Scientology has to offer and are now fully on board. Why else would there be an Alamogordo Ideal Org or a Two Dot Montana Ideal Org or an Advanced Org Antartica or a Skid Row Ideal Field Group or a Peoria School Board Ideal Shadowy Front Group? We are winning folks!!! Aren’t we?


  2. Sorry, Dave. You can’t have it and BTW it’s $1,200 not $2,000. I need to maintain my meat/fat body.


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