Say Yes to Scientology! Say No to Deadly Vaccines!


It is a proven fact that only Scientology can help you.

Vaccines are full of deadly dead viruses and are designed by the Communist-Chinese-controlled World Health Organization to kill everyone in the world except for the Psychiatric Illuminati that secretly controls and enslaves this planet.

The answer is not a needle in your arm. The answer is cans in your hands.

Cans in your hands in Japan.

Can in your hands in Bataan.

Cans in your hands if you smoke Roytan.

Cans in your hands if you worship Saytan.

Wherever you live, whoever your are, you need cans in your hands.

Say no to the Psychs and their phony “feel good” pills invented for imaginary conditions. There is no such thing as “mental illness.” The only real problem is your Reactive Mind and the secret datums you learn about on OT III. Everything else except Scientology is a waste of time and money. Say yes to Scientology and receive 10% off your Purification Rundown when you use the code NIACINMEGADOSEMENOW


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  1. I’m so glad Xenu earth dumped all those body-thetans 75 million years ago. Now we can exorcise them using L. Ron Hubbard’s secret exorcism techniques on OT III, IV. V, VI and VII. Xenu’s Wall of Fire earth dumping of body-thetans was a God send for the Scientology exorcism business.
    Hell ya, don’t kill yourself with a vaccine. Get exorcism at Advanced Org Los Angeles, today!
    Learn the secret Xenu story and get exorcising.


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