Xenu’s Cheerleaders

Xenu’s cheerleaders will do anything to keep the masses away from Scientology Orgs — particularly now that Mr. David Miscavige has completed his Herculean task of building and opening 15,708 Ideal Orgs scattered across the fifteen continents of this miserable prison planet.

Xenu’s cheerleaders are a rabid and insane group of SP Illuminati dedicated to destroying Scientology as part of their four quadrillion year reign of terror designed to enslave the MEST universe and all the thetans who dwell therein.

At present, Xenu and his minions are engaged in what Mr. Miscavige has called a “planetary bullbait” in which everyone is locked down in their homes by an alleged killer virus. Xenu knows that the masses are clamoring for Scientology.  This so-called virus is Xenu’s desperate last stand to keep people away from Scientology Orgs and getting onto the Bridge to Total Batman.

Be like OT VIII Wanda Snipes and take a stand. Don’t listen to Xenu’s cheerleaders and their fake news:


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  1. OH yes; those darn gone alkaline bodies!!! I remember the quack “doctors” in the orgs telling everyone they were too alkaline & needed the medical expertise of their concoctions


  2. Fantasic! Xenu scares them, it is such a can of worms word for Scientologists to deal with. They aren’t even allowed to say the word Xenu. It is such a backfiring piece of easily used thing.

    Hubbard didn’t know what he’s done to the movement, making it a high crime and massive penalty for the Scientologists to even say the word Xenu.

    Truly, Jeffrey, do you think we ought to do a Group Money collection to start a Xenu gag shop along Hollywood Blvd. And then turn it into an eating establishment, and have guest speakers, I bet it could turn into a Hollywood gift store and club, honestly.


    • Hiding in plain sight behind an invisible electrical barrier…the devious depths of Xenu’s depravity know no bounds.


  3. It doesn’t matter if this virus thing is real or not. What all Scientologists need to do is just re-tread the PTS/SP Course (again) and no one will get sick cuz the Tech works. Let’s not get all erratic and hysterical people. Just as Ron said, the only ones getting sniffles and pneumonia are those foolish enough to read the Advance Course materials. I have no idea what all this Xemu shit is all about but every time I hear that word I get some weird sort of restim going on and have a sudden urge to chain smoke and stare at my lava lamp. Achooooooooo!!!


    • Hiding in plain sight behind an invisible electrical barrier…the devious depths of Xenu’s depravity know no bounds.


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