Fleet Admiral David Miscavige Places All Florida Scientologists Into “Doubt” After Mark Bunker Wins Clearwater City Council Seat

Visibly shaken and enraged by Mark Bunker’s win in Clearwater, Fleet Admiral David Miscavige went live today on Scientology TV to berate all Floridian Scientologists for being theetie-wheetie dilettantes who allowed this to happen.

“My office in RTC,” said Fleet Admiral David Miscavige, “has received thousands of KR’s informing us that Scientologists in Clearwater failed to vote 10x each as ordered. Due to this flagrant counter-intention to command intention, I have assigned every Scientologist in Florida the Ethics condition of Doubt.”

“Additionally, I have ordered FLAG OSA and all DSA in Florida five thousand hours of brutal grinding sec checks for their hidden crime of allowing Mark Bunker to get elected in order to put sabotage on my lines! How dare they defy my imperious will!”

“Where were the real Scientologists in Clearwater, Tampa, Miami, and everywhere else when it counted?” asked the Fleet Admiral. “Why didn’t they get off their lazy Homo Novis buttocks and get out the vote?!”

Doubt explained for non-Scientologists:

When one cannot make up one’s mind as to an individual, a group, organization or project a condition of Doubt exists. The formula is:

  1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that individual, group, project or organization brushing aside all bias and rumor.
  2. Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or organization.
  3. Decide on the basis of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.
  4. Evaluate oneself or one’s own group, project or organization as to intentions and objectives.
  5. Evaluate one’s own or one’s group, project or organization’s statistics.
  6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.
  7. Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or organization one has remained in or joined.
  8. Suffer on up through the conditions in the new group if one has changed sides, or the conditions of the group one has remained in if wavering from it has lowered one’s status.

Based upon the foregoing, Scientologists in Florida failed to improve the actions and statistics of the persons, groups, projects and organizations of Scientology. These SP’s failed.

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  1. But…..but……I voted for the other person. The one COB wanted us to vote for. And I cast my vote at eight different polling places at least ten times at each one. Why am I being put into Doubt Condition?
    Now what was that person’s name again?


  2. With all this bad news Miscavige’s BT’s must be in full restim. He’ll need to down an addition bottle of MacAllen’s whisky to calm his nerves.


  3. Wise Beard Man winning a seat on CW City counsil was like opening Pandora’s Box for scientoology. .that motherf#*ker SP who’s been a thorn in pope davey’s side for so long, now sits on HIS City counsil. ..OH the Entheta he will spread. .the PTS rate will explode ..Cats & dogs sleeping with each other! What have we DONE !!!😨😲😒


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