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  1. Those fucking dilettantes!!! I’m probably going to get my ass thrown into Ethics again, but Ms B. is pissed. The photo of that yahoo chasing butterflies reminds me of all the Scientology Celebrities out there that are not shouting the glories of the Tech from every rooftop or soapbox they have access to. Don’t they know that Ron has provided the ONLY way out of this trap and off this dirt clod of a planet so we will have a place on the front porch of Eternity rather than rotting in some degraded condition for the next umteen trillion years or so? Tom, Kirsti, John, Chick, Nancy, Jenna, and the two other Celebrities I can’t think of off the top of my head should just cash in everything and join the Sea Org to make the final push to Clear the Planet!!!!! Besides, anyone can see that the butterflies in the photo are photoshopped in.


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