Scientology: Spying on the Buddha!

Knowledge Report

The Buddha has suppressive tendencies and is engaged in, and promoting, an offbeat practice named after himself.

Specifically, the Buddha teaches detachment from what he calls “illusory mental forms.” A whispering campaign in Buddhism holds that Scientology is an illusory mind form which leads to spiritual bondage and suffering. The Buddha is clearly trying to destroy Scientology by covert means and squirreled teaching.

The Buddha has told people he did not reincarnate as L. Ron Hubbard and instead pervades the universe as the “Buddha Nature” (see tathāgatagarbha and buddhadhātu).

The Buddha must therefore be lied to, sued, tricked, and destroyed by any means possible without penalty to the Scientologist.

We in the Scientology Office of Special Affairs presently have the Buddha under 24/7 surveillance by private investigators. We will find the Buddha’s crimes as only people with crimes attack Scientology per LRH.

This is true.

Ken Delusion

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  1. Buddhism poses no threat to Scientology. What is it anyway? A very recent minor cult followed by a few deluded followers in tiny far-away countries that no one has ever heard of with no glittering cathedrals packed with millions of worshipers. No magnificent trophies for increasing one’s status, no superpower abilities to create universes and crush planets between your thumb and forefinger and no effective postulates to 47 times one’s wealth.

    Buddhism is just a passing fad. Knock on any door in a few years time to proselytize for it and you’ll be met with a blank look.”Never heard of this Mr Buddha. Now go away, we’re all Scientologists here!” and the door will slam in your face.

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    • VWD Andrew. A commendation has been placed in your permanent ethics file for telling these godless Boodhists they are nobodies. That will really put these phony meditators in their place.

      If the Buddha had the technology or Dianetics and Scientology he would have been an OT. As it stands, Ron informed us that the Buddha was just a shade above Clear.

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