David Miscavige: Sovereign Citizen

We in RTC Legal are hereby advising the Los Angeles Superior Court (and all courts) that DAVID MISCAVIGE is a legal fiction. As the executor of the estate of the legal fiction DAVID MISCAVIGE, the private individual refuses to consent to, or accept, service of summons from an illegitimate court.

The natural person does not agree to enter into a contract with any court anywhere. Further, the natural person does not consent to be governed by the laws of any wog city, county, state, country, or indeed any of the fictitious governments in this sector of the universe a/k/a the Espinol United Moons, Planets and Asteroids System.

The natural person was not born in Washington DC and is therefore not a US citizen. It logically follows from this that the natural person is not subject to the Maritime laws of Washington DC or any of its fictitious and illegitimate corporations a/k/a states. The private individual refuses to acknowledge his birth certificate which is a fiction created by the US in order to establish him as a corporation against which the US government can borrow money.

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  1. Indeed!!! In fact, any Scientologist who has had enough Case Gain to establish themselves as a gen-u-ine Homo Novis has obviously had the cog that they are indeed sovereign citizens of their own Universe. They are no longer bound by the rules of the MEST Universe and are playing their own game. Of course, if a Scientologist hasn’t had the Case Gain necessary to have this cog, they can also reach sovereign citizen status by donating vast sums to the IAS. One might ask why Scientologists seem to be fixated on fundraising, silly costumes, Ideal Orgs, IAS Status, lawsuits, wog lawyers, sleazy PIs, Fair Game, endless Sec Checking, money making and shiny objects. The reason for this is just to create the illusion that Scientology is playing by wog rules so that we are “real” and can lure others into playing this game and devoting their lives and money to the Church for the betterment of Mankind. A Cleared sector of this guh-lax-ee is just around the corner!!!!!


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