Scientology TV’s New Reality Show: On the Road With Dave!

Scientology TV’s new reality show is called On the Road with Dave.

Starring COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, the show follows Dave around as he tours Ideal Orgs and talks to ordinary Sea Org members and publics.

We see Dave’s human side in his interactions. Dave is not the sadistic violent and greedy psychotic he’s made out to be by the haters, SP’s, and the CIA.

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  1. What hater, SP, CIA agent, SMERSH operative, PTS DB, or common bitter defrocked apostate can possibly say that Dave (or Ron hisself) are/were not true humanitarians and friends of Mankind? What other world class ecclesiastical leaders are out there pressing the flesh with Little Beings like those of us diligently attending courses at the countless Ideal AOs, Ideal Orgs, Idea Missions, Ideal Field Groups, Ideal Shadowy Front Groups and Ideal Households. It is a well known fact that you just can’t keep these two from engaging with the teeming masses demanding the Tech that will put them on the Front Porch of Eternity by crawling up The Bridge to Total Freedom after a good round of Sec Checking, Ethics Conditions and a good ol’ turn in the barrel after a life changing donation to the IAS. You sure as hell don’t see the Pope or the Dali Lama talking to the masses now do you? Besides, those ecclesiastical leaders are just weird and possibly homos. At least Dave has Shelly by his side just as Ron had Mary Sue by his side (‘cept when she was under the bus).

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  2. This show is amazing “can’t miss” TV! Every week COB beats a Sea Org slave in his sadistic, cruel, but exciting ways! COB also steals money every week from underpaid staff and gullible public! COB is a true Super-Villain!!

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