Scientology Thanksgiving with Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley arrives with CBB Finalists at The Village Hotel in Warrington

Colorful caftans are all the rage in Scientology this Thanksgiving thanks to our OTVIII Goodwill Ambassador Kirstie Alley.

“Kirstie can rock a mumu like no one else,” said Tom Cruise as he prepared to celebrate an LRH Thanksgiving by donning the ritual cravat and throwing hapless Sea Org members into the foul waters of the cesspool at Int Base.

“The DB’s at Int Base need their ethics put in hard,” snarled Cruise.


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  1. I’m so glad that some of the Church of Scientology’s greatest celebs and biggest beings are being featured on today’s post. It is a timely reminder of all we can be grateful for as a result of fully applying the Tech that the Founder so selflessly gave to us. I mean, if anyone can emulate the way Ron could cut a dash, it’s Mr. Tom Cruise!!! If anyone can spread the word far and wide, it’s Ms. Alley!!! And between Mr. Cruise and Ms. Alley, no one slams ethics in in a more effective KSW way!!!

    This being one of the 52 minor holy days on the Scientology calendar (Thursdays of course!!!) I am betting that the Academies of all of the tens of thousands of Ideal Orgs on the planet will be standing room only as Scientologists everywhere scoff at turkey laden tables and suppressive relatives and wield their dictionaries and demo kits in a supreme effort to Clear this Planet. What could be more rewarding? No doubt Mr. Cruise and Ms. Alley will be at Celebrity Centre Hollywood doing the same.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

    ml, ARC, KRC, KSW
    Ms. B. Haven

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  2. I am looking forward to Kirstie and Tom doing their famous interpretive dance showing off all 57 perceptics that are sharpened to superhuman levels in the Cause Resurgence (“Super Power”) Rundown.

    Well, not really. That is only marginally less painful than Tom trying to “put ethics in” on me.

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