The WHO Behind the Drug Pandemic


The WHO behind the global drug pandemic is Mrs. Alice Mayville-Swope of Liverpool.

She controls 95% of the world’s legal and illegal drug market and conducts a reign of terror to enforce it. What began as selling the Devil’s Weed in 1968 turned into an illicit drug empire the profits of which she used to purchase legitimate pharmaceutical companies.

Many have been fooled into thinking that Alice’s sister Gladys is the Kingpin. After all, Gladys with her fancy cars, mansions, private jets, mega yacht, and her long string of criminal trials in which she has always been found “not guilty” are the distraction and millions were fooled. We in RTC were never fooled. We in RTC always knew it was Alice.

“Connecting the dots in Alice Mayville-Swope’s unholy pandemic of drug-fueled terror across the nineteen continents and 15,906 countries of this world,” exclaimed COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, “CCHR investigators uncovered the fact that Mayville-Swope owns Pfizer, the manufacturer of Vistaril.

“It stands to reason then that when Mayville-Swope sat about to destroy Scientology she attempted to do so by sending in so-called helpers to Creston. Armed with Vistaril, these helpers engaged in the most horrendous plot….

“I had an alibi of course. I was drinking and gambling in Reno with Gene Denk. I even have the hotel and meal receipts and keep them to this day in my personal safe.

“I was able to step into the gap and take over. Thus, I saved Scientology at a time when it was threatened from within and without!

Moreover, Alice’s “Bluebird Network” is infamous in countries where one wants inconvenient people disposed of quietly and without sorrow.

The rumors that Martin Bormann escaped in an armored Bluebird are true. He made his way through Russian lines and thence onto the U-252 which was waiting for him offshore at Brest. He was landed in Paraguay whereupon he used his enormous horde of plundered wealth to, among other things, finance Alice Mayville-Swope’s rise to power.

Do you see how this all fits together?

Beware of Alice!


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  1. Re: Mrs. Alice Mayville-Swope (née Doris Quakebustle, but that’s another story) — you of RTC are delusional. Mrs. Mayville-Swope is merely the north-western UK distributor for Strabismus Surgical Appliances (Private) Ltd., and has nothing to do with its subsidiary, Wowie-Zowie Cheap-Thrill-Pills Dietary Supplements PLC, which is exclusively managed worldwide by my amanuensis, Nurse Tsai-Chin Proutley. While Mrs. Mayville-Swope’s sister, Mrs. Gladys Spong, was once implicated in a doping scandal at Aintree race-course, this had nothing to do with either Mrs. Mayville-Swope or my good self.

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    • It goes without saying that Dr. Strabismus of Utrecht (peace be unto him) would be mixed up with the Mayville-Swope crime syndicate. Dr. Strabismus can spin whatever cockamamie story he wants, but he’s just covering up for Alice.

      Of course, Alice is quite addicted to the Strabismus Vibro-Wobble patented treatments and that is why the Doctor has such influence over her. It is all quite perverted.


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