David Miscavige Mistaken for Marge Simpson

“COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige’s hair finally got piled so high and over-tinted that the ecclesiastical leader was mistaken for Marge Simpson,” said Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

“An investigation by RTC has revealed that COB’s hair turned blue after his colorist flubbed the dye job. This is not a laughing matter,” Delusion noted. “It is, factually and cold-bloodedly speaking, an aesthetic crisis of magnitude!”

“COB obviously can’t open the new Ideal Org in Vladivostok until cosmetic repairs have been completed. COB must also avoid high winds lest he be tipped over like a motorhome in a tornado.”

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  1. I wanna know if there’s any missing RPFers hiding IN his hair, given the apparent capacious, straight-up and vertical ‘do he’s now sporting…

    Such a coiffure could easily seat six, and given it’s resemblance to “Big Blue’s” shade of blue, a cleverly camouflaged SO’er could stealthfully “blow” via a blow-dry & color no doubt… Bye, bye Big Blue, ya’ big ugly bastard!


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