Princess Joy Villa Files Emergency Supreme Court Action to Be Declared a Native American Resident of Minnesota

“With the resignation of Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, Scientologist staunch lifelong MAGA Republican Joy Villa filed an emergency petition with the US Supreme Court to be declared a resident of Minnesota,” said her political adviser Greg Mitchell of the Mitchell Firm. “Joy Villa should be appointed immediately to fill Al Franken’s vacant seat. As a Choctaw-Cherokee-Iriqouis-Navajo-Blackfeet Native American woman and a dear friend of Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Steve Bannon, Princess Joy Villa is uniquely qualified to replace Al Franken.”

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  1. If Sonny Bono could do it in California, Princess Joy can do it in Minnessota!!!! I have it on good authority that Princess Joy isn’t really of Native American descent. She is really a 50/50 mix of BOTH ethnic groups in Minnesota, Swedes and Norwegians. She just likes the feather outfits. She should be a shoe-in. She has just as much political experience as our President (no, not Heber) and she looks damn good in her snow fence togs. That has Minnesota written all over it. Plus with the support of the millions and millions of dedicated Scientologists who reside in that great state she won’t even have to mount much of a campaign.

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  2. Truth be told, a random name from the phone book would be a more suitable choice than either Al “How ’bout a kiss?” Franken or “Squaw” Jo Villa.


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