Scientology Actress Elisabeth Moss Telepathically Communicates With Discarnate Entities

Scientologist Elisabeth Moss defended Scientology today by stating that Scientology allows her to telepathically communicate with millions of clustered discarnate entities that are attached to her body. Elisabeth does this while holding two metal cylinders in one hand and operating her e-meter with her other hand.

“True,” the actress said, “sometimes these clusters will go out a distance from my body and stick. But that’s when I mock up an invisible thetan hand and cut all the lines and beams these discarnate entities have into me.”

The actress credits her daily ritual of exorcising these troublesome discarnate entities that are attached to her body with her success. “I sit alone in a locked room for at least one hour each day and handle these entities,” Moss noted.

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  1. Scientology charges a fortune to remove thetans. However, a new product, Thetan-Removing Soap, is dramatically cheaper, faster, and more effective. COB is angry, right here, right now, because this new product will remove one of the scams he uses to steal money.

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    • Thetan-Removing Soap! This is surely a Kingsley Wimbush type of de-dinging squirrel process. We in RTC will have our reinstated IG/RTC hunt down the squirrels behind this down! Just as RTC destroyed the GO we will destroy these Thetan-Removing Soap merchants!


  2. I’d be interested to learn just how many of these invisible dead space cooties Elisabeth thinks are on her skin at any one moment.

    However, I’m not interested in finding out if “mock up an invisible thetan hand” is the name she and her “2-D” use for what many others would call a rousing game of “hide the salami.”


    • Blasphemy from a Billionaire Bigot! You rich Wall Street one-percenters think you’re so darned smart — and yet none of you even have a Bachelors of Scientology degree let alone a Doctor of Scientology degree.


    • No John P., No!!!!!! You are either a non-Scientologist or you have a crashing MU. When Ms. Moss says she is “sitting alone in a locked room for at least one hour each day to handle these entities”, she is talking about being a solo auditor. She is not talking about doing something with her 2-D. Solo, get it? I myself like to sit alone in locked rooms and handle my entities too, but often I prefer to take more than an hour to mock up my invisible theta hand when doing so. In fact, I often mock up other ‘entities’ to help out with my private sessions all the while visualizing ‘hiding the salami’. Who needs a 2-D anyway?


  3. Funny because before I saw any other comments I was about to post Elizabeth hit the shower & take along this brand new foaming OT8 skin gel. But here is the big secret it is actually made by an invisible Thetan Hand and this soap smothers those suckers and poof! Off you go free of body Thetans for awhile until you get your $ together for OT 9,now that Soap will take your skin along with any pesky BT’s. I hear it has TSP and straight ammonia in it along with a loufa that really scrubs.All for the good work of the IAS of course..Wink,wink. 💛💛OT8.


  4. Better than soap and water to remove your body thetans a quick dip in a Yellowstone Park geyser pool will prove to be effective permanently.


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