Steve Bannon Hired to Run Scientology’s Freedom Magazine


“Bitter defrocked White House strategist Steve Bannon today joined COB RTC David Miscavige’s senior management team,” announced Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“Mr. Bannon joins former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci who was hired last month to run Scientology Media Productions.”

“Steve Bannon will take over as Managing Editor of Scientology’s flagship Freedom Magazine. His main his role will be to Fair Game and Dead Agent those who are speaking out and exposing Scientology’s North Korean style regime. Scientologists can expect to see many more hate-filled and paranoid articles in Freedom. There just haven’t been enough according to surveys. Hatred and paranoia both sell extremely well inside of Scientology,” Delusion noted.

“Bannon’s first issue of Freedom will include a rousing defense of Confederate War Memorials; an attack on so-called gay rights; and a strategy to use First Amendment religious protections to shield Scientologists who have been accused of various felonies and sex crimes.”

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  1. Well, the hiring of Mr. Bannon is certainly a match made in the MEST universe!!!!!! I can’t think of a more appropriate (or dapper) person to take the reins of Freedom Magazine and 47x its current unprecedented circulation numbers. Mr. Bannon is just as well known in the WOG world as COB is in the Scientology world for his amazing compassion, tolerance and good will towards all.
    To celebrate this tremendous event, I have it on good authority that anyone who renews their subscription to Freedom Magazine or ups their IAS Status will receive a free ‘welcome Mr. Bannon hoodie’.

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    • Ms. B. Haven, just to cover the “special” new Scientology hoodie from a PR perspective, the HCO has issued this shore story: “Due to confusionessess not blowing off in the Flag Purchasing Office, the ‘free hoodie’ offer goofed the floof. The 812 hoodies given out last week at Flag were the wrong hoodies. Please return these hoodies to the HCO. In exchange you will receive an RTC burlwood pen.”

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  2. I understand that Capt. Miscavige wants to hire Sebastian Gorka too. The only problem is that COB can’t tell Gorka from Thorsten Overgaard. I too have some confusion, is it possible they are the same person? I’ve never seen them photographed together.

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