New Church of Scientology Spokesman Marty Rathbun Denies Everything

New Church of Scientology spokesman Marty Rathbun denies everything. This new Scientology all purpose denial — “it never happened” — is now official Church doctrine.

It never happened.

Never happened.


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  1. Perhaps Marty can try out for the role of Sergeant “I know nothing” Schultz ina remake of the old TV series, “Hogan’s Heroes”??

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  2. This is true: Marty is hopelessly stuck in an episode.

    Saying it never happened when it actually did first requires the OT presence of mind to switch reality planes to a new alternate reality where in truth it didn’t happen. The problem is Marty does not have the needed OT X tech and is not eligible for OT X until completing his steps A-E.

    As the latest Sea Org announcements have promised, OT X will deliver the ability to alter and fix your past by switching to an alternate reality where bad things in the past never occurred. One only has to look at COB to know he has been an OT X for years. Look how often he has successfully gone back and made bad things in the past simply vanish.

    You know, it almost looks like Marty is hoping COB will go back and fix this for him. Do your A-E Marty…just do your A-E.

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