Fleet Admiral Rathbun on Fake News

Scientology Fleet Admiral Marty Rathbun

“So get this bit of cute fake news the media uses to troll Scientology: Sure, the Guardian’s Office decapitated a few dozen people 35 years ago but that’s old news. I purged the GO. I should know because I was there and I was in charge.”

“But then the media is like ‘OMG! Scientology decapitated hundreds of people!’ But it was only a few dozen people and it’s old news. Old news.”

“And when I came aboard, I put an end to the GO decapitations, hangings, arson, stabbings, burglaries, drownings, and so forth, but the media still acts like the Church of Scientology does it.”

“What I told that wog journalist was that Scientology can ‘potentially’ decapitate, hang, set fire to, or drown SP’s if we wanted to, but we don’t these things anymore. It’s just that we ‘potentially’ can do these things except I ordered an end to it — except for sometimes when an SP really needs to be decapitated. But then the media claimed it actually still happens. They published it just troll Scientology. False. Never happened. I was there.”

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