SP Jokers & Degraders Launch Ransonware Attack on Scientology E-Meters!


SP criminals have hacked the Windows XP-based Scientology mainframe computer and put a virus onto all Warehouse 8 e-meters.

What happens is that when a floating needle occurs in session, the dial shows a picture of Bozo the Clown and uproarious laughter emanates from the meter.

A message then flashes on the dial demanding $300 to unlock the meter. Scientology cyber experts say this appears to be the work of SMERSH, a Psych group dedicated to enturbulating Scientology organizations.

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  1. Windows XP on their mainframe? Nope: since it’s a Lysenkotronix Mk. VIII(b) gas-fired computer the Commodore picked up cheap from the Yugoslav Trade Mission in Algiers, it still uses a much-patched version of the original 1971 ‘Bolban A’ operating-system ā€” though thankfully the arc-actuated celluloid tape-drives once used to load it have recently been replaced with SSD’s.

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  2. Not only do I not care for the shape or color of this model Emeter, I am totally petrified of clowns. Cannot stand clowns so this combination would definitely keep me miles away from either one. šŸ’›

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