The Diagnosis

Drunk Surgeon

“What is your diagnosis Doctor?” queried Ken Delusion, “Has David Miscavige’s angry penis infection cleared up?”

“No it has not,” replied Scientology Dr. Donald Wildebeest “And yet I’ve repeatedly warned COB that his angry penis would continue to get infected if he persisted in wantonly sodomizing Scientology parishioners.”

“COB cannot leave Scientology’s parishioners alone. I personally wonder why they lay down and take it from COB,” Delusion remarked. “Worse, the regges are copying COB’s behavior and now the spread of Scientology Transmitted Bankruptcies (STB’s) in the Church is rampant! Why doctor, why!? Why do they take it?”

“They lay down and take it,” declared Dr. Wildebeest, “because being ecclesiastically sodomized is part of the Scientology religion. So are Scientology hate websites and Scientology bigotry against wogs. And lest we forget, it is only by doing such despicable but necessary things that Scientology will bring about a world without war, crime, or insanity.”

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  1. So I am up at 4:30am with the cat and thoughts about the meaning of my life and what do I find? Positively Hysterical and how I wish dm could receive the Ultimate in Bad Behavior award, an angry penis that never stops screaming, dm is a Liar,Psychopah Criminal who doensn’t deserve such a great Dr as Dr. Wildebeest! Renowned throughout the cult world. Thank you šŸ˜ā¤ļø

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  2. Even in the world of satire, lines can be crossed. Here, I believe, this is the case. I for one do not believe the author of this blog has any first hand knowledge of David Miscavige’s penis and therefore should not be making any public comments about it. Hells bells, the man may not even have one and then, won’t you look funny. I’ve spent the better part of the morning calling Orgs and asking if anyone has seen Dave’s penis, angry or otherwise, and have yet to get a first hand confirmation. If you are prepared to make penis jokes about a dickless man, be prepared to look foolish. That type of behavior could get you on a list of hatemongers.

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