Now the Secret Can be Revealed…

Now it can be revealed: Scientology’s attorney Monique Yingling is the love child of L. Ron Hubbard and Leona Helmsley. Now it all makes sense. Now we know why Monique is the way she is. Monique has all the genius and treachery of L. Ron Hubbard and all the class and elegance of Leona Helmsley.


But the real question: Does Monique work for COB or does COB work for Monique? Some SP’s these days say that Monique Yingling secretly runs all of Scientology and calls the shots. One wonders because COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige dropped out of high school at age 16 while Monique’s education is stellar: Vassar College (A.B., cum laude, 1973); University of Tennessee (J.D., 1977); Georgetown University Law Center (L.L.M. in Taxation, 1984).

Who actually runs Scientology? While Scientologists are credulous enough to believe that the entire agonized future of every man, woman, and child on this planet is in the hands of an ill-tempered, violent, and narcissistic high school drop out who wears a fake Navy uniform, others feel that this stable datum cannot be true.


The skeptics tend to think that Washington DC lawyer Monique Yingling secretly runs Scientology. After all, Monique Yingling is now the international spokesperson for Scientology and, more importantly, she was the chief architect of Scientology’s 1993 tax exemption.

And this secret: At the very top of Scientology is the secret Church of Spiritual Technology (CST). And at the very top of CST are three non-Scientology tax lawyers. Monique Yingling is a Trustee of CST and one of three tax lawyers in whose hands the very fate of Scientology was ultimately placed by the Founder.

Per CST founding documents there must always be three tax lawyers at the top of Scientology to protect Scientology’s tax exemption. These three tax lawyers can, for a nominal sum of money, revoke RTC’s licenses and therefore collapse the Church of Scientology International (CSI), for CSI is a licensee of RTC.

“Will you and your fellow CST Trustees act to ‘Save Scientology‘ or will the present farce continue?” asked journalist Don Harrison in one of his more piquant questions to Monique Yingling.

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    • Dammit Doctor! You always have to push it don’t you? Just because you know COB’s most intimate personal needs and secrets you think you can come here and flaunt it! But to answer your question, COB only makes $48.00 per week as an ordinary Sea Org member. Factually, he lives below the US poverty level and collects food stamps to eat. His wife Shelly took a job several years ago at the US Post Office so she could support COB.

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  1. No, I have heard nothing. Here is another interesting case.



    Scientists say they may have new evidence in D.B. Cooper case http://www.msn.com A band of amateur scientists selected by the FBI to look for clues in the world’s most infamous skyjacking may have found new evidence in the 45-year-old case.



  2. As all scientologist will testify, the world and this sector of the galaxy is best understood when properly catagorized in black-white small boxes that can be arranged to fit what the hallucinations of the moment are dictating to be fact.
    Thus I will categorize this story as false news.
    Not that the it is untrue that Monique Yingling is the love child of L. Ron Hubbard and Leona Helmsley. But we are missing a vital half of the outcome of their love affair. Monique has a twin sister, deported to North Korea at the age of 1½ year when she was a troublesome child, crying because she wasn’t fed her barley formula when forgotten after a nap in her baby carriage. With the exact same genetics as Monique, her identical twin sister, Dingadong worked her way up through the ideal organizational system in North Korea to become cheif advisor for Kim Jong-un. Here is a recent photo of Dingadong:

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  3. COB works for Xenu. Xenu is the villain behind the slavery, child labor, beatings, bankruptcy, fraud, and other crimes of $cientology! It’s all Xenu’s fault — COB says so!


  4. Well, I agree with the live child part *shudder* Leona, what were you thinking? Even YOU could do better.

    But as for Monique being the leader, you’ve got it all wrong. Have you ever seen Yingling and Miscavige in the same room together? They are the same person. Compare the hair. The dead eyes. If you think it through, it’s only obvious.

    Do you really believe that David Miscavige could trust anyone else to go out in his stead to talk on National TV? Why do you think Yingling looks like Miscavige dressed up like Mrs. Doubtfire? Just sayin…


  5. I was watching the NFL playoffs yesterday and one of the Viagra ads said “for erections lasting four hours or more, see you doctor and he’ll show you a picture of Monique Yingling.” Is she working for or against Big Pharma?


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