New Scientology device treats body thetans in the feet!


New Scientology device treats body thetans in the feet. *POW!* Foot problems vanish! Unfortunately, we in Scientology still don’t have a device to treat our own footbullets…

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  1. Ah, the “Von Hinterstoisser Automatisch-Fusshandhabungsgerät”, as used by Nurse Tsai-Chin Proutley in my practice, though for other purposes than treating foot-Thetans. Naturally, practitioner-patient confidentiality forbids further disclosure of precisely *which* purposes, but Rear-Admiral Miscavige’s intimate little secrets are safe with us—provided his standing order with the Netherlands Antilles Bank (Pvt.) Ltd. and ourselves remains operational.


  2. I’m certain that Leah Remini would be happy to help COB develop an improved foot bullet device which outputs 11,756 foot bullets per second, the same number coincidentally as there are Ideal Orgs! Just think of the ease with which COB could shot foot bullets with such a device!


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